David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Holy crap...

From the Fox TV website:

Premiering January 2005, from the creators of our popular and empowering show “The Swan” comes America’s next reality hit, “The Caucasian.” Watch as we celebrate the great American melting pot by bringing together women of all races who are held back because they appear too ethnic. You’ll meet Jacque, whose husband isn’t attracted to her anymore because of her African nose and kinky hair. You’ll meet Amy, who feels uncool because of her Asian eyes. Don’t forget Juanita, the plucky young mother embarrassed by her rounded figure and her telltale accent. Our team of plastic surgeons, vocal coaches and skin bleachers stands prepared to help these women become what they never thought they could be – Caucasian. After an intensive six-month separation from their friends and family during which they will recover from their surgery and undergo intensive retraining to make them forget their own culture and learn to be like the rest of America, they will emerge from their cocoon as white as “The Swan.”

The final episode will be a combination beauty pageant and job interview. The hiring corporations will be told that some of the girls are ethnic, but if the girls can pass, they pass through to an America they have never known. Who will be “The Cauc of the Walk?”
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