David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Don't forget the real victims in war...

The advertisers.

I really can't believe this article on how advertisers are impacted by the war. I understand the individual companies caring about where their products appear and in what context, but how did this make it to national news? Why was it on the front page of Yahoo?

Thankfully, for the advertisers, the constant stream of violence and horrible news has made it acceptable to run your ads even in violent times. The public has become so dulled with violence that marketers don't have to be as careful to pull their ads when something especially important happens.

I quote:
News sales executives, however, assert that the Sept. 11 attacks and two wars have made marketers tougher about what they think audiences can handle. Through last week, no advertisers had called CNN to pull commercials, says ad sales chief Greg D'Alba. "Five years ago when there was a breaking story, you'd have 20 advertisers call and say 'pull me.' But the news environment has changed. This is must-see television. You have to know."
So, as we all waste our time worrying about our troops and all the innocents in both war zones and the victims of the continuing terrible terrorists acts around the world, take a moment to consider how this is affecting the advertisers. For when someone dies on the news, aren't corporate sponsors the real victims?

Imagined conversation... A mid-50s ad exec gets home from work:

Husband: "I think I'll have a second martini tonight, sweety. They put an ad for the Ford Focus right after an Iraqui torture picture."

Wife: "Aw, let me get your slippers for you. You just sit down in that chair and relax..."

H: "You are the best. When will this damn war ever end?"

W: "For your sake, sweetheart, I hope very soon."
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