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According to the latest issue of the New Yorker, their annual Humor issue, Dan Aykroyd refers to Bill Murray's diva fits on movie sets as "Murricanes." Also, Russell Crowe is considering playing Moe in a Three Stooges Movie, with Benicio Del Toro running second. For Larry, Sean Penn or Larry David. No word on Curly.

They also have a history of joke collections and quote from the most ancient surviving joke collection, "The Philogies." It seems jokes have progressed very little since the 4th century. Here is one about a classic Greek stereotype called the "scholastikos" or, as the article states the "absent-minded professor" or "egghead."

"An Egghead was out on a sea voyage when a big storm blew up, causing his slaves to weep in terror. "Don't cry," he consoled them, "I have freed you all in my will.""


The manuscript ends mid-joke. Perhaps one of you can supply the punchline to this lost classic.

"Seeing a eunuch, an Abderite (An inhabitant of Abdera, in Thrace) asked him how many children he had. The eunuch replied that he had none, since he lacked the means of reproduction. Retorted the Abderite..."

From a Tenacious D discussion board, Patton Oswalt, standup and comedy writer, comparing Mad TV, which he wrote for, to Mr. Show with Bob and Dave, which all his friends wrote for:

"There's some interesting math when you compare MR. SHOW and MAD TV. Every now and then a sketch got onto MR. SHOW that, uh, wasn't up to standard. There's a few hacky, obvious sketches on a few episodes. Keep in mind, the ratio is very small, but they're there. I won't name them, 'cuz they were written by friends, all of whom write brilliant shit 99% of the time. The ratio of hacky shit that sneaks onto MR. SHOW is the EXACT SAME RATIO of brilliant shit that sneaks onto MAD TV. It's like a Bizarro Universe version of MR. SHOW. Where Bob and David have a Shit Detector that's sometimes on the fritz, MAD TV has a Quality Detector that, for some reason, fails to power up, and something really brilliant gets through."
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