David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Roscoe has never peed on me...

I am a member of a pug email discussion group. Here, with names erased, is the contents of my mailbox today.

One note, if an alpha dog bothers Roscoe, Roscoe submits quickly. But, as soon as that dog goes to sleep or turns its back, Roscoe pees on him or her. Sometimes urine is a quiet rebellion, a kind of conscientious objector's way to fight back without fighting.

If you name your dog Dingy, expect it to pay you back at some point.
SUBJECT: Our pug peed on my husband!

Has this happened to any of you before? This is a strange one....We
have two pugs--one fawn and one black one. The black one, Dingy who
is 8 months is a character! Well, my husband was doing something,
not paying attention to her and she was not happy about that! She
hopped on his lap and peed! I wouldn't have believed it if I was
there to witness it myself. She's never done this before, so we are
hoping this isn't a trend! My husband and I were upset at the time,
but we laugh about it now. Any thought?
I am anxious to hear other opinions but I believe your pug
baby, Dingy, was either showing dominance over your husband
or by (how odd this may seem) marking her territory by
saying your mine. In an odd kind of way, Dingy was paying
him a compliment. I bet she really likes him!!! Hah!!!
Pug hugs,
Calvin has peed on my leg a few times, always when I'm wearing jeans
(but I usually wear jeans) and always in front of other people (for
maximum embarrassment). I think it's probably a "this ape is mine"
thing. ;-)
our other pug, when he was about 1 or 2 years old, would 'mark' us especially my
dad when they were supposed to be out walking and my dad had to stop and
speak with someone about business; next thing, the dog would up his leg and
wet on my dad! He did this several times to my dad and once to my mom. I don't
remember him doing this to me. Someone told us then that this was his way of
'marking' his territory.
Maybe she just had to go really bad and was mad that no one noticed she needed to go out. So she just decided to sit in a lap but wasn't able to hold it any more. I have had a pug that needed to pee and I missed the hint so she just started going You could tell that she didn't mean too and was very embarrassed about the whole thing.
You know, I think your pug was just disgusted with
your husband and thought "what the heck, I'll pee on
him! That will get his attention!" LOL! I spend a lot
of time wondering what is going on in my pugs' minds.
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