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My Time in Ghost Country...

On Saturday at midnight, I returned for my second trip to the Harvard Exit with the ghost hunters. (My first expedition is detailed here.) You should know that after the disappointment, and lack of psychics, from the first time, crashtestbunny had threatened to toss them within an hour.

One of their members was late, so they waited in a line outside the theater while we observers huddled together inside. When the final psychic arrived, we heard them standing outside the door saying a half prayer/half magical invocation like a 3rd grade class saying the pledge of allegiance.

Then, they came inside and began to prepare.

They divided up into three teams, one for each floor of the theater. Two of the teams had psychics and one was a pure tech team. The tech team had what appeared to be a fishing pole with a thermometer on the end. Each team had a cool box with a red light that would beep and blink red when it sensed something. I don't know what it was supposed to sense, but whenever I walked near it, it went off.

I knew one guy, Wolf, from the theater. He is an odd man who talks with a pseudo-southern accent and has a bunch of odd affectations. He has a necklace made of teeth, an Austrailian style Indiana Jones hat, a tattoo of a wolf on one arm and Asian characters on his other arm. I don't know what the characters said, but I would lay money that it says something about a wolf. He was there as an apprentice psychic. I have to move on though, my whole post could be about Wolf.

Wolf was the audio-taper for his group. He asked me to take a picture of him opening up the tape packages to prove that they were blank. I don't know how a picture can prove a tape is blank, but here it is:

As we split up, I noticed that each hunter had his/her own method of carting around equipment. My favorite method was the apron. You know that all the cool ghost hunters have their own apron. Do you have one to carry your ghost hunting equipment? I don't think so. Next to her is Winston Zeddmore.

First, to the basement. There a psychic was talking about how the office downstairs was the room where they would take people to beat them. The room around the office was a combo whorehouse and casino back in the 20's. Since the building was the headquarters of the Seattle suffrage movement and then a community theater before becoming a movie theater, we're pretty sure that it was never a whorehouse. But in any case, here is a picture of the beating room.

From there, we made our way back into the subbasement. This is when Wolf started to pick up subtle psychic vibrations. As we passed by the old furnace, he launched into an explanation of how it worked. "They don't make them like that anymore," he concluded. Then he started to talk about about how he smelled natural gas. One of the other people told him that there was a slight kerosine smell in the basement. Wolf explained that it wasn't an actual scent he was smelling, it was a "psychic smell." I sensed some natural gas too, but I was certain of its source.

The "actual" psychic sensed that the chimney had exploded at one point and killed some people. Then we stood in silence in a cold concrete room. The only light was a single flashlight. Someone walked into a cobweb and started to complain. That was when Wolf started to sense something creepy in the room so we left.

This is a picture of the psychic examining a panel in the basement that gave access to the foundation. She said that it was an emergency exit for the casino or part of an old dumbwaiter. "It's one of those things," she said, "A little elevator... A waiter... Oh, what are they called?"

"Dumb," I said.

"That's it," she said, "A dumbwaiter."

At this point I decided to check out the other group. As I passed through the main floor, I saw that one of the groups was frozen all gathered around a guy, sweeping up and down his back with every technical ghost sensor.

"There is something there, on my back," he said, "Just under my shoulder. It's moving quick."

I passed by them quickly. Luckily when I got upstairs, people were exploring the secret room. This room is a room that you have to crawl through the heating vent to get to. When crashtestbunny first went in there, she found a bed and a wardrobe covered in dust. Ever since she described it to me, I've wanted to go. I finally got in.

The psychic with this group was less talkative. Which in a way was nice, because I was more interested in seeing the room than hearing about ghosts. Here is the creepy room, now used for storage of neon signs.

The groups switched floors and I went back to my original group. It was getting late. The psychic was in the main room talking to the ceiling, "Hello, we appreciate you being here. Please feel free to accompany us to the next room. We only want to respect you."

We entered the main theater. The psychic got an immediate feeling, "I sense people watching "The Blob" with Steve McQueen. They are scared and laughing. They are having a good time."

Wolf got up on the tiny ledge in front of the screen and look out at all the empty seats. "I sense a woman in one of those '20s hats. She's eating popcorn. In fact, I sense a whole crowd of people and they are all watching a movie."

I had to stifle a laugh. That's psychic ability there.

Wolf started walking up the aisle of the theater. Everyone was taking pictures. Suddenly there was an orb alert. "Don't move Wolf, it's right by your butt."

I took out my camera and started snapping. Sure enough, an orb appeared on the picture right near Wolf's butt. I dubbed it the dingle-orb.

After that, I decided to go home. I followed the psychic back out into the lobby. She said something about sensing a guy with a pipe.

Wolf said, "Was that before or after the war?"

The psychic started to lose her temper a bit with him, "What war, Wolf?"

Wolf paused and thought for a second, "World War I."

I didn't stay to hear the whole answer.

Check out crashtestbunny's journal to find out what happened the rest of the night.

Copyright 2004 David Wahl
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