David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie


I don't usually remember my dreams and if I do remember them, I don't usually tell people about them. I think the symbolism in dreams is usually about as subtle as a hammer, so telling someone about a dream is actually revealing more than you realize.

That said:

Last night, I had a dream with a rap soundtrack. A group of people, me included, was robbing a house. Every time there was nothing we wanted in a drawer or a closet, we would set it on fire by tossing a match.

The chorus for the rap went, "The truth is in the soup..." With the vowels dragged out and a catchy tune, "The truuuuuuuuuuth is in the sooooouuuuup..."

After four or five verses, there was a verse about the symbolic nature of oversized clown shoes as it relates to the human ego. That is the only verse I remember because it is the one that was playing as I woke up.

The chorus changed to be, "The "you" is in the shoes..." Obviously referring to a person's self somehow being in the shoes.

Yeah, I know.
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