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David is thinking about the meat faerie


I always give cash to the pizza delivery person. Nothing is more important to Roscoe than pizza delivery. Now, whenever Roscoe sees me with money he starts to drool. The symbolic value of money is so powerful it has even been transferred to my dog.


While waiting in line for Eurotrip, we stood next to a guy who was wearing a shirt that read, "Everything's Good Butterface". He was with his wife.

He asked Brian if he got his free pass at Cowgirls Inc. (Click the link for beatnikside's hilarious review) Brian shook his head.

He and his wife were in their late 40s. They had obviously both been at Cowgirls Inc recently. Perhaps they sold her husband the shirt which announced to the world that everything about her was attractive except her face. Her husband should have been wearing a shirt that said he was a complete loser who had nothing going for him except his wife.

What a horrible pathetic little man.

I wish The Passion of the Christ would just get released so I wouldn't have to see anything else about Mel Gibson. I have seen him say that the holy ghost appeared to him and told him the true story of Jesus's last 12 hours, I have seen the prosthetic hand they invented so that they could show the nail being driven into it, and I have seen him directing the movie while wearing a clown nose to relieve the pressure. He seems to me to an insufferable ass drumming up publicity for his movie using cheap tactics.

They are expecting this movie to start the next big revival of Christianity. That people will watch it and drop to their knees accepting Jesus as their lord and savior.

Yeah... Right.

If this movie is so different, why is it being marketed as if it were a Ben Affleck move? The making of specials, the empty laughs of Entertainment Tonight reporters giggling at Mel's antics. Makeup, special effects, Don't you think that reduces the, supposed, power of the movie?
If the theories that most hardcore christian groups have are true, this is going to inspire the children that see it to go on a wild crucifying spree. Just like Natural Born Killers inspired all those deaths and Beavis and Butthead made people stupid, this movie will inspire people to nail one another to crosses. Because, if you remember all those arguments against every other movie with sex and violence, children are too stupid to understand the idea of activities taking place within the context of the story. Intention doesn't count, has always been the argument against other movies. Take the action out of context and look at it as a child would.

Remember Alex in Clockwork Orange reading the Bible and taking great pleasure in the idea that he was one of the Roman soldiers beating Jesus? Well, now every sadistic teenage boy will be able to drool over a bloody Christ on the cross being tortured for 90 minutes.

Thank God the movie doesn't feature a woman of color exposing her breast, that would destroy our children's minds. Instead, it features state of the art prosthetics bleeding realistically as Roman soldiers torture and kill an innocent man. Probably the technology developed by Sam Rami for one of the Evil Dead movies.

They can't show all the blood in the R rated Kill Bill. They actually HAVE to make the big fight scene black and white to get an R rating. The censors will protect us from that. But, they can show Jesus bloody and writhing on the cross during prime time sit-coms?


They like the blood on Jesus, it activate the salivary glands of all these advance audiences of religious professionals. They see it and start to drool over all the money people will donate to their churches.
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