David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Open on Christmas...

Years ago, it seemed like everything was closed on Christmas. If you had forgotten to buy something that you needed for Christmas dinner, you would either have to borrow it from a neighbor or scavenge an approximate substitute from the tiny 24 hour convenience store that mostly sells porn and cigarettes, but has two aisles of dust-covered food and condiments. Just three years ago I remember being sent out in search of horseradish sauce and returning an hour later empty handed. There was something really satisfying about not being able to get horseradish on a whim.

Movie theaters are always open on Christmas and most Chinese restaurants and bars and porn stores, but this year it seemed like a wider assortment of stores was available. Tower Records was open and so was our corner drugstore (all christmas items half off!) and our favorite coffee house (tip jar at overflowing). As we drove to a friends house for dinner, there were some surprising restaurants open and privately owned stores that sold things like frames and digital printing. I could have picked up horseradish sauce at three or four places within a mile radius of our apartment.

I'm not a big Christmas guy, but I like the idea of everyone having the same day off and having goodwill toward their fellow men and women. But, the engine of commerce doesn't even stop for a day anymore.

Eh, no one cares. People need the extra cash. When we stopped off at the drugstore to say hi to the cashiers one of them said, "I get double time today. I get off at 3, but you know what I'm doing when I get home? Laundry. So what does it matter?" At the coffee house, the barista said, "I like Halloween better than Christmas anyway."

Is 24-365 complete consumer satisfaction the way of the future? Is that good? I don't know.

I do remember working in a toy store on Christmas Eve and having to force people out so that I could go home and rest. I hated those customers who kept the store open an extra half hour and complained that we were rushing them as I worked unpaid overtime so that their obviously attention neglected kids would have a token present from their absent father on Christmas morning. If I had to work retail on Christmas day, I think I would feel distaste toward every customer that came in that day.

But, that's just me...
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