David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Things I learned judging a high school improv competition

1. A mother-in-law joke can still work unironically.
2. Wearing a black trench coat during the introductions probably doesn’t endear you to the audience.
3. Just because your family is in the audience, it doesn’t mean anyone is going to laugh during your scene.
4. Pretty much anything said in an English accent is hilarious, but only if the person saying it is actually British.
5. If you are cute enough, your boyfriend and his friends will make World Wrestling Federation style signs and hoot whenever you come out for a scene. (One sign said, “Righteous! Righteous! Righteous!”)
6. If you are making out during a scene and you invite a third person to join you the audience will laugh, but the MC will wave down the scene immediately.
7. If you are overweight and acknowledge it during the show the audience will laugh along with you, but they will laugh a little too hard and too long.
8. Make sure the British guy is in every scene. That accent is still funny.
9. If you invite a nine year old on stage with you, you are going to be upstaged. If you invite a smart nine year old on stage with you, he will upstage you on purpose.
10. Drama teachers like to go out for margaritas after a show.
11. It feels uncomfortable when a teenager says, “Thank you for judging me.”
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