David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

OK, I lied to the guy...

The Blue C in Fremont is, as ltmurnau pointed out, a kaitenzushi. That means that the sushi rides around on a conveyor belt and you take what you want.

The first thing people do when they go in is stare at the sushi as it goes in circles. I'll bet most people watch at least one full rotation of the sushi before they take anything. It is very clean there.

As you can see, each plate has its own little plastic cover. The plates are all different colors that correspond to different lines on the Tokyo subway. Each color is a different price. The dark blue plates were the most expensive at $4.50. The cheapest plate was $1.50.

I loved their condiment stations. There is soy sauce in a plastic jar, a glass container of wasabi, a box of pickled ginger and little mixing cups. The little circle in the background is the button you push to attract the attention of the waitress. It's just like the buttons on airplanes to attract a stewardess. They glow blue.

The Unagi (eel) was delicious.

We shared everything and ended up spending less than $15 per person. That's pretty good for Sushi. When you are ready to leave, the waitress comes by and counts the number of each color plate you have. A simple multiplication problem later, she gives you the hand written check.

They project street scenes from Tokyo on the wall.
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