David is thinking about the meat faerie (zoomardav) wrote,
David is thinking about the meat faerie

Nerd contest follow up.

Wow. Umm... The competition is fierce in the nerd contest. Check out these entries! The grand prize is either six action figures from Archie McPhee, a short story on the topic of your choice or Newsradio fan fiction with your plot.

Even if you haven't entered, please check out the comments here and give your opinion on who is the nerdiest. Judging begins at noon tomorrow with the announcement on Sunday.

1. What is your nerdiest collection?
2. What area of obscure trivia are you most expert at? (I may ask questions to confirm)
3. What is your nerdiest romance story? (Bad or good, I will accept a link to a journal entry for this.)
4. Star Wars, Star Trek or Dr. Who? Why?
5. Every nerd has a friend that they think is nerdier than they are. Which friend of yours is nerdier than you are and why?
6. What movie do you have to watch when it comes on TV even though you own the DVD?
7. The quality that I have that I think should impress the opposite sex but doesn't is __________.
8. The nerdiest t-shirt I currently own and refuse to throw away is ________________.
9. The most underrated music group that I love and no else understands is ___________.
10. My favorite comic strip artist or comic book artist is __________.
Good Luck!
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