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David is thinking about the meat faerie

Two transexuals, some furries and a guy in a skirt.

cukebrian invited me to go to the Emerald City Comic Con yesterday to people watch and, secretly, to see the two Star Wars babes that were there. (Two very minor actresses. So minor, that if you added their screen time together you still wouldn't have enough for a teaser trailer.)

On the way in, the guy in front us in line was carrying his teddy bear.

We found the Star Wars ladies almost immediately and I took this picture of Brian. (This is as close as we could get without paying the $25 they were charging for pictures and autographs.)

OK, so it's way nerdy to have your picture taken with stormtroopers, but Brian knew the stormtroopers and their guide.

Here is a guy in a skirt. It is not a Utilikilt.

One of the booths had drawings of a sexy ant. I am wondering how the artist came up with this idea. The antenna forms a heart.

Every booth, well every successful booth, had a girl either in costume or wearing revealing and tight clothes. One booth had a tiger lady!

This guy was advertising for the anime convention coming next month.

goldenfyre, if I ever have a booth at a comic convention, would you wear your Halloween costume and work it with me? Notice the awkwardly placed trident in this photo.

This was a bad ass little kid dressed as Darth Maul. Someone asked his father if it was hard to put on the makeup. The kid said through tightly clenched teeth, "It's not makeup, it's a tattoo."

Everyone laughed. The father said, "It takes a long time to put on. It's pretty detailed."

The kid cut him off. "It takes two weeks. It's a tattoo."

Here is Brian shopping. The original price tag on the Star Trek Barbies was $70, the marked price was $25, Brian talked them down to $15.

He wasn't going to buy them at all, until the guy pointed out that Barbie was wearing pantyhose.

"Are they painted on," Brian asked.

"Nope, they're real pantyhose. Where else are you going to get a Barbie in pantyhose?"

The ears, the tail, the Care Bear backpack, how could it be any better?

Favorite overheard conversation was a twelve year old kid talking to a dealer about buying an Alien toy. The dealer was trying to be polite, but the kid just kept going on and on.

"That is the scariest movie ever. I remember the first time I saw it I was home alone. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in. I stayed up all night. And it was a school night!"

"Do you want to buy it or not?"

"Yeah. I want it."

I love comic book conventions.
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