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The Ghost Hunters PT 1

I am not saying any of this is real or not. I am just reporting what happened. Thank you crashtestbunny for arranging it and thanks to 4hour_ramona and beatnikside for coming to watch our backs.

So, last night I went to the Harvard Exit Theater for a real life ghost hunt with the AGHOST group. This is a super-scientific investigation, at least they try as hard as they can to be scientific, so they have at least five cases full of equipment and recording devices.

They lied to us a little bit. We had been promised that we could follow them around and ask questions. They said they were going to bring “sensitizes” to contact the ghosts and tell us their stories, but they didn’t. crashtestbunny called it a “spiritualist bait and switch.” It seems they promised her that for last night, but instead, they are doing a REAL ghost hunt. That means that the science team shows up one night and takes control readings of everything. Which means there are no stories to tell or psychic contacts with dead sprits. Then, they schedule a second night with the sensitizes to see if what they say matches with the scientific readings and the stories.

It seems the Harvard Exit has been held back from the ghost hunting community for years, so for the local Seattle ghost hunters to get access is a big deal. The Harvard Exit is listed as a haunted location in all those “Ghosts in America” type books as one of the more haunted places in the US. So, they don’t want to mess this up. The theater was once the meeting hall for the women’s suffrage movement in Seattle. crashtestbunnyhas always said she felt like the ladies of the theater were looking out for her. A tool she needed would show up right next to her, when she knew she’d left it downstairs.

They did a lot of the investigation while they interviewed people about things that happened in the theater. Here is crashtestbunny’s post about her experiences, but the house manger also told a story about the door to the third floor women’s room shaking like someone was trying to get out of it for about 20 seconds. Then, he opened the door and no one was there.

There was one ghostly happening while we were there. One of the women, who said she was slightly sensitive, pressed against a swinging door and it wouldn’t move. She said it was like someone was pressing against the door and then, suddenly, it released and she fell through the door. No one was around when it happened, but when she called out, we all came running. This picture of the door was taken immediately afterwards. As you can see, there are a few ghost orbs, as they refer to them, clustered around the door.

I went into the auditorium behind the door and took these pictures of huge spirit orbs. The ghost hunters explained to me that they aren’t sure what the orbs are made of, but whatever it is, it’s visible when it reflects the light of the flash. They pictures were taken one right after the other. I also adjusted the brightness and contrast on one of the pictures to bring out the orbs a bit more so you can see how many there are. That is followed by a close up.

Some people can’t take pictures of the orbs and some can. I guess I can, because they were in about every third picture I took in the theater.

Here is a picture of two big orbs in the sub-basement.

Also, crashtestbunny jokingly called out to the ghosts to take a picture with her. I snapped this picture. I blew it up a bit, if you look closely, it sure looks like a floating smiley face to me. Maybe there is a sense of humor in the spirit world.

Some random ghost hunters.

* Bohunk posted more pictures here!
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